The Future is here, but are you ready?...
What happened to you? Why can't you remember? What does everything mean? Using a new experimental virtual reality therapy, maybe you'll know the truth. Stepping into the shoes of a silent amnesiac, you must traverse through the virtual worlds of your own dreams, finding clues that may lead you to the answers of your mysterious past. But, not all is as it seems. There will be many dangers along the way, both in reality and in your own mind. Are you prepared for what you might find in the Dreamscape?

These are the games that FYRE Games has either completed, or are currently working on.


There's nothing scarier than waking up in the middle of the forest alone... or so it seems. Taking control of Rachel in this short, story driven, exploration game, you must find out where you are, why you're there, and most importantly, how to get out. What will you uncover when you delve into the unknown?

The line between life and death blurs in this first-person narrative game.  Taking the role of Matthew, a sick detective in over his head, you'll explore themes of subjective morality and the afterlife.  Through every door is another memory.  In every memory lies another door.  You can play Summerland now for free!


Welcome To The Dreamscape