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FYRE Games is a independent video game development studio created by Conner Rush.  We develop and publish our own games because it's simply what we enjoy doing.  We are doing our best to bring new, exciting stories to the world of video games.


FYRE Games was founded by Conner Rush in the small town of Fairmont, West Virginia.  This is where the name FYRE Games, and acronym for Fairmont Youth Reinventing Entertainment, came to be.  Starting from scratch, Conner taught himself coding and began working on his first game.  

Into The Unknown:

We work hard everyday to bring the greatest gaming experience possible to everyone in the FYRE Games community.  There is so much passion and dedication put into each project.  The first of these projects is Into The Unknown, a short, free to play, story-driven experience about waking up in the woods with no memory, and only a mysterious person on the radio to guide you.  This game was created by Conner Rush and Rachel Bennett at the age of 14 & 13 as a project for school.  After a number of people expressed there liking to the game, Conner Rush published the game to and GameJolt, as well as submitting it to Steam Greenlight.  After months of waiting, Into The Unknown was finally released to Steam with good critical reception.

Welcome To The Dreamscape:

After the surprise success of Into The Unknown, Conner Rush set out to create something bigger and better from the feedback he got from Into The Unknown.  This is where work on our latest game, Welcome To The Dreamscape began. Working with a new team, consisting of new artist, Morgan Boyles and for the first time, voice actors from outside of FYRE Games, something great was created.  The intent of this game is to delve into a story that is far more psychological.  In the game, you enter your own dreams to uncover your mysterious past.  The game was released on the Steam Store as of June 28, 2018!


Development for Summerland started approximately a year after the release of Welcome To The Dreamscape.  The premise spawned from anxiety fueled thoughts of moral philosophy and what happens when we die.  This drove Conner to begin work on Summerland (which derives it's name from Wiccan beliefs) as a way to come to terms with these existential thoughts.  The game itself was built around feedback from the previous game, primarily the gameplay.  Story was touted as one of the strongest aspects of Welcome To The Dreamscape, so that's where Summerland's focus lies.  Gameplay has been stripped back to make way for a more in depth and cinematic story.  The game was released on Steam on December 2, 2020.

The Colossus is Coming: The Interactive Experience

This short interactive narrative was developed as a bit of a break from large projects.  Conner, being a member of the experimental rock band Auric Echoes, decided to promote their new album The Colossus is Coming with a short video game.  The game involves an unnamed player collecting tapes and taking in the atmosphere of a foggy forest.  It released on Steam and on November 5, 2021, alongside the album.

We Never Left:

The next game in the FYRE Games catalogue would prove to be a big diversion from the development process of previous titles.  While all past games were made entirely independently, We Never Left would be the first game to be backed by a publisher in Dread XP.  The publisher reached out to Conner in early February 2022 to take part in Dread X Collection 5, an anthology of indie horror games developed by indie horror devs around the world.  Given a budget, 2 months of development time, and the prompt of "entertainment", We Never Left was born.  This tense horror experience tells the story of an obsessive artist in the year 1983 as you explore their home and the secrets it holds.  Dread X Collection 5 is available now on Steam.

Looking to the future, we here at FYRE Games plan on creating more great story-driven games, each one being better that the last.  We have a passion for making and playing great games, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

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